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With our special collection of luxury bag organizers

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About Us

Welcome to the official site of Luxe GooDZ


We are two ladies from New York City who have always had a passion for fashion. We've spent a lot of time thinking of ways to become a part of the fashion industry and that is when our Luxe GooDZ organizer was born.

We know the struggle of caring for an expensive handbag and that is why we wanted to create a luxury bag organizer for your luxury bag. Regardless of the size or condition of your bag, our purse inserts will help keep its shape and condition.


Our beautiful organizers are all handmade in New York City!


Diana and Zoya

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The Perfect Luxe Goodz Organizer

We know the struggle of caring for your expensive handbag!


That is why we have created a solution to help protect, shape and organize your handbag to tailor all your necessary needs.