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  • Luxury handbag organizer for your Goyard St. Louis PM bag

  • Featuring: 2mm thickness Felt in Capri color

  • We offer 20 beautiful colors you can choose from to customize your own bag organizer

  • We start making your organizer when you place your order.

  • Protect, shape, and organize all of your handbags with our handbag organizers


The Goyard Saint Louis PM bag is a classic tote bag with the Goyard goyardine monogram printed on its coated canvas. Wear it inside out to show off a linen and cotton mix. It comes in many different colors including black, red, orange, blue, and yellow.


Made in France, this high-quality bag is lightweight and comes with a small matching pouch and dust bag. We love this bag style and so do our customers — but without a bag organizer, it can be easy to lose all of your personal belongings. Everything gets jumbled up and falls to the bottom of your bag, leaving you to scrummage for the item that you’re looking for.


Our purse organizer inserts are meant to organize your stuff while acting as a base shaper and protector from spills and wear and tear. The Goyard St Louis PM made-to-order bag organizer comes with a water bottle holder, a main pocket, and three other pockets. Store your electronics, makeup, wallet, and everything you need.


What is the difference between Goyard PM and GM?


The GM bag is larger than the PM bags but they both have the same styles and features.


The Goyard St Louis GM tote measures 34cm x 20cm x 40cm

The Goyard St Louis PM tote measures 28 cm x 15 cm x 34 cm


If you’re looking for more of a carry-on bag for travel or a gym bag to store some clothes and larger items, then the PM book tote bag might be a better fit for you. Luxe Goodz’ carries both the PM and GM bag organizers that are measured to fit perfectly with their bag dimensions. Our felt purse organizers are sturdy and absorb moisture, which are perfect qualities to prevent the spread of spilling and to shape your bag for maximum durability.


What are the dimensions for Goyard PM?


The Goyard St Louis PM tote measures 28 cm x 15 cm x 34 cm


Which bag is similar to the Goyard St. Louis PM bag?


Some people compare these Goyard designer bags to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags because of their similar tote book shape and functionalities.


How is Goyard St. Louis different from other Goyard bags?


Here are a few main Goyard bag styles and their key differences:


  • The St. Louis tote bag: Reversible, lightweight, with thick handles, and linen/cotton inside.


  • The Artois tote bag: Features a zipper top, long shoulder straps, an inner floating pocket, and more structure.


  • The Anjou tote bag: Reversible, with thick handles, and soft leather inside. It’s also the heaviest of the three bags.


Can you fit a laptop in Goyard PM?


The Goyard PM is big enough to fit a 15" laptop. With a bag organizer insert, your big will feel even roomier. You can store your laptop in a compartment designated for laptops and iPads.


How to care for our felt bag organizers


  • Dry Clean only

  • Using a damp cloth or a lint roll to remove any specific residue or stain.

Goyard St. Louis PM Bag Organizer



    • Dry Clean only

    • Using a damp cloth or a lint roll to remove any specific residue or stain.


Processing time 5-7 business days

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