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  • 2mm Thickness Felt
  • Color Shown: Marilyn

  • Comes with 2 pockets to keep your bag free from spills and stains

  • We offer 25 beautiful colors you can choose from to customize your own bag organizer

  • We start making your handbag organizer when you place your order

  • Protect, shape, and organize all of your luxury bags with our bag organizers

  • Please note: We do not sell luxury handbags. Only the bag organizers are for sale


What’s so great about our Kelly Mini 20-bag organizer?


It shapes, organizes, and protects your bag! The Hermès Kelly bag is luxurious and in order to keep it looking that way, a bag organizer can help keep it in tip-top shape. The Kelly bag is named after Grace Kelly because, in the 1950s, she was famously seen holding this Hermès bag over her stomach to conceal her pregnant belly. It was originally released in the 1930s and created by Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of Émile Hermès.


How many Kelly bag sizes are there?


There are six Hermès Kelly bag sizes in total including the following styles:


  • Hermes Kelly 20 mini

  • Hermes Kelly 25

  • Hermes Kelly 28

  • Hermes Kelly 32

  • Hermes Kelly 35

  • Hermes Kelly 40


What do people love about the Hermès Kelly 20 bag?


The Kelly 20 bag is unique because it is the smallest bag out of six sizes. It’s known for its trapezoid shape where the base is wider than the top of the bag. It comes with a top handle that you can hold with your hand. You can also hold it by its side like a clutch or use the shoulder strap to wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody. Keep in mind, the evelyne bag strap is much thicker.


Made from high-quality Epsom leather and gold hardware throughout, this bag is a limited style and hard to find in stock. If you do find the bag you’re hoping for, it comes in many different colors. It’s so small that you can hold the bottom with the palm of your hand! The base is just 20 cm long.


What can you fit in the Hermès Kelly 20 mini bag?


You can fit a lipstick, wallet, phone, Airpods, and keys. You won’t be able to fit a makeup bag, tablet, or any other large items. Think of the Kelly 20 as a clutch to store your essentials!


With a purse organizer, your Kelly 20 will feel bigger because you’ll easily be able to see everything that’s inside. The bag insert organizer is a base shaper, too, so your bag will look more structured and full no matter what you put inside of it.


What are the dimensions of the Kelly Mini 20 bag?


The Kelly Mini 20 bag is 16CM high while the base is 20cm long and the depth is just 10cm wide.


How many compartments are in the Kelly Mini 20 bag organizer?

There are two compartments. One is the main compartment, while the other is an interior pocket.

Hermès Kelly Mini 20 Bag Organizer



    • Dry clean only
    • Using a damp cloth or a lint roll to remove any specific residue or stain. 

Processing time 5-7 business days

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