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  • Luxury handbag organizer for your LV OnTheGo GM!
  • Featuring: 2mm thickness Felt in Sahara color

  • The product includes two cup holders, 6 pockets, and 1 pouch 

  • Each pocket will help store items like cosmetics, lipsticks, pens, keys, phone, and wallet

  • We offer 25 beautiful colors you can choose from to customize your own bag organizer!

  • We start making your organizer when you place your order

  • Protect, shape, and organize all of your luxury bags with Luxe Goods’ purse organizers!


How do I organize my Louis Vuitton bag?


Whether you have the Louis Vuitton OntheGo GM Bag, Neverfull PM Bag, OntheGo MM Bag, Neverfull GM Bag, Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, or another designer handbag, you’ll want to first assess how big your bag is and what you can realistically store in it before organizing your belongings. Then, put the Luxe Goodz purse organizer insert inside your bag. Store your biggest items in the main compartment and all of your smaller items in the side pockets.


In the Onthego GM bag organizer, you can store a closed coffee cup, perfumes, a makeup bag, and a wallet in the main pouch. There’s a big slim pocket on one side to store your iPad/laptop/notebook and five small pockets for AirPods, lipstick, keys, pens, tissues, and other small necessities.


What’s the difference between the Louis Vuitton OntheGo GM bag and the OntheGo MM bag?


They’re both tote bags with the same canvas styles in a leather Louis Vuitton Monogram print. The difference is the GM bag is bigger and the MM bag is medium-sized. Since book tote bags are typically boxy, the purse insert acts as a shaper.


Add this bag insert to your wishlist! Made in the USA with high-quality materials, our OntheGo PM, OntheGo GM bag, LV Speedy, LV Neverfull, and other designer bag organizers carry your personal belongings with ease. From Sahara and Capri to Coco and Emma, choose from over 20 colors for your designer handbag organizer.


Is it worth it to buy an LV bag organizer?


Louis Vuitton bags (including purses and totes), don’t come with an organizer. Without one, your bag will be flappy and lose its shape and your belongings won’t have their own compartments. With an organizer, you can easily store your goods and they won’t get lost in the bottom of your bag. Every item will have its own place and be organized according to its size and immediate importance. No more sticking your hand in your bag and rummaging for what you’re looking for! An organizer will also protect the inside of your bag from any spills, stains, and wear and tear.


When you buy a luxury bag for thousands of dollars, a bag organizer is a small price to pay for bag insurance.


What are the best features of the Louis Vuitton OnTheGo GM Bag?


We love the LV OntheGo GM bag because it’s big enough to store everything you need — even a spare change of clothes. The LV monogram print on canvas leather is an absolute classic style, too. You can hold it by the top handles or leave the clip-on shoulder straps and wear it as a shoulder bag.


Read our customer reviews below to learn what people are saying about our Louis Vuitton OnTheGo GM Bag Organizer!

LV OnTheGo GM Bag Organizer


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