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From the Picotin 22 and the Constance 18 to the Lindy 26 and the Birkin 40, we offer over 20 Hermes bag organizers that you’ll love. Our Hermes handbag organizers are bag shapers, just as much as they are bag organizers and protectors. Whether you have a Hermes tote, purse, or handbag, our organizers will perfectly fit your luxury bag’s dimensions. What is the best way to store a Hermès Birkin? Store your Hermès Birkin handbags in a dust bag to protect them from discoloration and rubbing against other handbags. Be sure to air it out every once in a while so that it doesn’t get too musty and moldy. You’ll also want to ensure your closet or wherever your Birkin is stored is at room temperature. Since your bag is made from premium leather, it can stretch, fade, and tear if it’s not stored properly. Don’t leave any stainable items (like pens or liquids) in your handbag or bag organizer when it’s stored. What is the price of a Hermès bag organizer? It depends on the company, materials, and where it’s created. Luxe Goodz’ bag insert organizers are made in America using high-quality felt material. How do I clean a Hermès Birkin bag organizer? Dry clean only Using a damp cloth or a lint roll to remove any specific residue or stain. What are some of the best Hermès bags? Here are some of our favorite Hermès bags and why we love them: Picotin 22 bag Why we love it: You can easily carry it over your shoulder and it has a minimalist, functional design Constance 18 bag Why we love it: It’s small but fits all the essentials, the perfect everyday purse with a shoulder bag or crossbody option Lindy 26 bag Why we love it: Unique dumpling shape that can carry a lot of your belongings. It comes with a top handle and shoulder straps, which make this bag very versatile. Birkin 35 bags Why we love it: Tote bag shape that’s perfect for travel or work. It fits laptops and other large items. The design is minimalist but still luxurious. It also features a zipped pocket inside. How do I clean a Hermès Birkin? Use a microfiber towel to wipe down the exterior of your bag Spray a leather protector before using it for waterproof and discoloration protection Apply a leather conditioner to prevent drying and cracking of leather

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