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Owning an expensive bag has always been fun and exciting, but with that always comes the hardest part–how do we keep it in a pristine condition and keep it organized at the same time? We all know the horrors of trying to find your house keys or your lipstick in a guaranteed pile of a mess that becomes the bottom of your bag. And let’s not forget the shape that your expensive and tasteful bag takes after just a few months of use. That’s when our idea was born.


Although there are other organizers on the market, mostly made overseas, poor quality and take weeks to months to arrive. After months of thorough research and quality testing, we found a top-quality fabric that will help keep your bag as good as new. Regardless of the size or condition of your bag, our purse inserts will help keep its shape and condition, while keeping all your belongings organized, neat, and easily available at a glance.

Zoya Odessky - IMG_1142.JPG


We are two ladies from New York City who have always had a passion for fashion. With six children between us and juggling a full-time job, we still found a way to come up with an idea that we believe will have a beneficial impact on the luxury community.

Since we launched our business in 2020, we have had nothing but positive reviews, press, and praise. We have been featured in publications, youtube and celebrity feeds. Our customers love our product and raved about it on social media and with their family and friends. In addition, we take pride in being a small business that strives to make a positive impact on women's issues. Just recently we partnered with a breast cancer awareness group and donated a part of our profits for this important cause. We continue to look for other opportunities to further take our mission forward.

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