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These Organizer Handbags with Credit Card Slots Are So Useful

Have you ever bought a handbag and wanted it to double as a wallet? You can put your wallet in a bag, but sometimes it makes sense to have the wallet built into your purse. If you’re going out at night, for example, your wallet might not fit in a small bag. It will also take up lots of space in your handbag that you won't have room to spare. Also, you may just want to take one credit card instead of taking all your cards with you. A built-in credit card slot can solve all of those problems!

Putting your entire wallet in a bag when you don't need all your credit cards for the day can be a hassle. Fortunately, there are handbags that have built-in organizers for credit card slots and tiny pouches that can fit a credit card holder. Now you can leave your wallet at home and only take what you need. The only downside of handbags with built-in organizers is that they’re not typically luxurious.

If you want to buy something luxurious like a designer handbag, don’t expect it to have any pouches or dividers to store your belongings. This is exactly why we created Luxe Goodz, where we sell luxury handbag organizers. Our organizers fit the most popular designer bags with their exact dimensions.

But if you’re not in the market for a luxury bag and still want to buy a fashionable bag with built-in organizers like dividers, credit card slots, zippered compartments, and other organizational features, we’ve got you covered. Even though they're not designer name bags, you can still find something stylish and affordable.

Read about our favorite organizer handbags with credit card slots and other compartments, below.

Multi Pocket Leather Bag

Name: Martofess Leather Crossbody Bag with Organizing Compartments

Price: $119.97

Colors: Brown, Dark Bown, Bohemian, Red. Burgundy, Multi-Colored

Size: 10 x 9 inches x 4.79

Features: It has one main compartment to store large items. Then, it has a cell phone pocket, five pen pockets, and eight card pockets of various sizes. In these card pockets, you can store keys, credit cards, gum, a credit card holder, and other small items. There are also two zippered pockets on the side to easily access a water bottle or purse wallet. Wear it as a cross-body bag or shoulder bag since it comes with straps and a top handle.

Shop the Martofess Leather Crossbody Bag here

Leather Crossbody Bag With Credit Card Slot

Name: Frye Melissa Crossbody Wristlet

Price: $178.00

Colors: Cognac, Evening Rose, Ash, Beige, and More

Size: 5.75 x 9 x 1

Features: This women's leather bag can easily be used as a clutch, wristlet, shoulder bag, or cross-body bag thanks to its detachable strap. With a main zipper closing and exterior zip pocket compartment, place your phone case, cell phone, leather wallet, and other valuables in here. The best part? Inside, you’ll find a credit card slot holder that can fit a mini card organizer or safely hold your credit cards on their own.

As a crossbody organizer, this genuine leather with an antique finish is the perfect minimalist organizer bag. Its front pocket can be used for your phone and other valuables you need readily available at a moment’s notice.

Shop the Frye Melissa Crossbody Wristlet here

Leather Crossbody Bag With Magnetic Closure

Name: Medium Willow Envelope Bag

Price: $225

Colors: Black Croc, Black Leather, Midnight Blue, Oxblood, and Dove

Size: 6.5" L x 9.5" W x 3" D

Features: We love that this smooth leather bag comes in many neutral colors that can match any outfit. Primarily a crossbody handbag, it can also double as a clutch if you take off the detachable strap. The magnetic closure, allows you to open and close your bag with ease. There are eight various compartments, including an interior zip pocket, and four built-in matching leather interior credit card slots.

Shop the Medium Willow Envelope Bag here

Vegan Leather Tote Bag

Name: Daily Tote by Dagne Dover

Price: $275-$295

Colors: Pinto

Size: 14.5” x H 10.25” x D 0.75”

Features: This tote bag truly has it all. it has a top handle and a long strap for a shoulder bag style. It has compartments made for a bottle holder, laptop, lipstick, sunglasses, and credit card slots. The neoprene bottle holder and vegan leather exterior are just a couple of our favorite features. It comes in medium and large, so take your pick! Typically built-in wallets are only seen in small bags — we love seeing a tote bag with these compartments! Since there are so many sections, you can have a purse with a built-in wallet inside or outside your bag.

Shop the Daily Tote by Dagne Dover here

Hobo Crossbody Bag in Baby Blue

Name: Hobo Lana Leather Crossbody

Price: $69.99

Colors: Blue Mist Leather

Size: 9in wide x 6in high x 1.5in deep

Features: 90s kids would absolutely swoon over this bag since it looks like a vintage coin purse, enclosed with a classic frame clasp. On the outside, there’s a pocket for your phone that blends in with the exterior design. Take a peek inside and right away you’ll notice three credit card slots and a zip pocket. The long strap hangs low at your thigh, but from the picture, it appears to be an adjustable strap for a shorter look.

Shop the Hobo Lana Leather Crossbody here

At Luxe Goodz, we provide bag organizers for luxury bags and can customize any type of bag style. If you find a bag that you adore, but it doesn’t have credit card slots or other organization compartments, let us customize a purse insert or tote insert with the exact dimensions you’re looking for. Don’t forgo buying the bag you want just because it doesn’t have the compartments you’re looking for and don’t settle on a bag with compartments if you don’t love the style.

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