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  • 6-8 pocket compartments to organize your bag in a neat and convenient way.
  • Each pocket will help to store your items like cosmetics, lipsticks, phone and wallet. 
  • We offer 6 beautiful colors you can choose from to customize your own bag organizer.
  • All our custom organizers are made in the USA.


What is Alcantara?


Alcantra is a soft-suede material made from a blend of polyurethane and polyester. Made in Italy, it’s typically used in luxury and sports cars. Unlike other materials, this microfiber fabric feels luxurious but doesn’t have a hefty price tag to match. Alcantra was developed in Japan by Toray Industries, a corporation that specializes in industrial products.


What are the benefits of Alcantara?


Since Alcantara is a microfiber material, it has moisture-wicking and stain-resistant benefits. It feels silky and it’s half the price tag of silk. Many people use microfiber materials for towels because these dry quickly. Because of these properties, Alcantara won’t leave water stains.


It’s also easy to grip Alcantara, which is why it’s commonly used on steering wheels and transmission levers. Don’t let the lightweight material fool you — the Alcantara material will shape your bag.


Why is Alcantara a good material for bag organizers?


Bag organizers are typically made from felt, which is a durable, sturdy, and water-resistant material. Alcantara is more expensive, but it looks more luxurious inside your bag. It’s lightweight and will basically look like a part of your designer handbag. Like felt, it protects your bag from stains, spills, and scratches.


Luxe Goodz currently carries an Alcantara® bag organizer for the classic Hermés Birkin. It comes in six colors including red, black, blue, pink, beige, and gray. Whether you own the Birkin 25, the Birkin 30, the Birkin 35, or the Birkin 40, we have a bag for every size. You’ll love this luxurious suede-like material purse organizer insert to match your luxurious hermès bag.


In our other categories, you can find bag organizers in our felt material for the LV Speedy, Goyard St. Louis, LV Pochette, Chanel 19, Bottega Veneta Cassette and many other styles. As one of our customer reviews aptly says: “When you spend money on a skin bag this [bag organizer] is a no brainer.”




Alcantara® Bag Organizer for Hermés Birkin

  • Alcantara® is a unique and innovative cover material entirely made in Italy. Mostly used as interiors in the world's top luxury cars, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

    It is also used for advanced customization in bags for Hermès Bags. 


Processing time 5-7 business days

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