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How to Organize a Tote Bag With a Tote Organizer

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Your tote bag is probably one of your most prized possessions and the accessory that you use on a daily basis. There’s nothing like an everyday bag that’s luxurious and protects all of your personal belongings. Even though there are many different everyday bags — including cross-body bags, small purses, and backpacks — the tote bag is big typically big enough to use as a gym bag, work bag, and even beach bag.

The tote bag typically features a versatile boxy-like frame that can fit a spare change of clothes, water bottle, and laptop. Many people wouldn’t use this bag as an evening bag or a bag they’d bring for a night out with friends. But, they’d certainly bring it with them at night if they’re going out straight from work or the gym.

Even though we’re big fans of tote bags, it can be easy to lose your stuff in there. Its empty space leaves personal items to get misplaced or hard to reach. Having so much room is a blessing and a curse — it’s a blessing because you can fit big items but it’s a curse because your smaller items don’t have a place to be. Tote bags don’t typically include any compartments or many zipper pockets. Without an organizer, you’ll find yourself throwing everything into an empty abyss.

Tote bag organizers are essential for saving time and protecting your bag from spills and other potential messes. Like a purse organizer, tote organizers come in different colors and include compartments in different sizes to insert your things. Whether you have a large tote or a smaller tote, we want to show you how to organize your tote bag with Luxe Goodz’ tote bag organizers.

Most Popular Luxury Tote Bags

Some of the most popular luxury tote bags include the following.

The Dior Small Book Tote Bag

Why we love it: It functions as a purse but is shaped like a tote bag. Since it’s small, you can use it as an evening bag. It won’t fit any big items, just small personal belongings. Carry it by hand or throw it over your shoulder. If you want something bigger, Dior carries a bigger-sized version of this bag.

Shop the Dior Small Book Tote Bag Organizer here.

The Dior Large Book Tote Bag

Why we love it: It’s big enough to store your laptop and other items. You can also easily throw it over your shoulder if it gets too heavy. This design, as mentioned above, also comes in mini and medium sizes. It all depends on how many things you want to store and what you plan on using them for.

Shop the Dior Large Book Tote Bag Organizer With Zipper here.

Prada Logo Raffia Tote Bag

Why we love it: The woven materials are perfect for a summer beach bag! It’s big enough to fit EVERYTHING.

Shop the Prada Logo Raffia Tote Bag Organizer here.

Why Does a Tote Bag Need a Tote Bag Organizer?

Tote bags are typically large and hollow without any compartments. It can fit a lot, but that advantage makes it difficult to find small items once they’re inside your bag. From Prada and Chanel to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, your favorite tote bags don’t come with storage dividers. Our bag inserts help you keep things safe inside your bag and protect your bag from getting damaged.

What Can You Store in a Tote Bag Organizer?

There are many things you can store in a tote bag organizer. Whatever you’d put in your luxury bag can be stored in the organizer, except it will actually feel like there’s more space in there now. You’ll have more room than you thought possible. Your work tote can moonlight as a first-aid kit, makeup bag, and gym bag.

Here are some items you can store comfortably in the tote or purse organizer insert:

  • Cell phone

  • Charger

  • Cosmetic Bag

  • Lip Balm

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Band-aids

  • Keychains

  • Mints

  • Laptop or iPad

How Do I Organize My Tote Bag?

Step 1: Start from scratch! Take everything out of your bag to see what you have. You’ll be surprised!

Step 2: Throw anything out that you don’t use or store non-essentials in a bedside drawer.

Step 3: Separate all of your items by size.

Step 4: Place your removable bag insert in your luxury bag.

Step 5: Put your makeup bag, wallet, and big electronics in the middle, large compartment.

Step 6: Put all your smaller items in the side pockets — including a water bottle, so that it’s not with your electronics in the main compartment.

And there you have it! The tote organizer makes it easy to stay organized and find your things in a pinch.

How do you organize a tote bag that has no pockets?

Most tote bags don’t have pockets, to begin with. Some luxury bags come with a pouch to store small items. Regardless if you have a pouch or not, placing a bag organizer into your bag will give you all the inside pockets you need to safely store your belongings.

How does Marie Kondo organize handbags?

When it comes to organizing your tote bag or any bag, Marie Kondo has a great tip. Every day, when you take out your wallet, phone, and other essentials at home, store all of those items in one place. This way, you’ll know to pack those items into your purse or tote again the next day. And, she explains, only pack what you need so your bag stay tidy each day!

Also, your handbag shouldn’t be a place to store old tissues, receipts, or other garbage. Make sure to throw these tidbits out at the end of each day.

How do you organize a tote bag with a tote organizer?

Whether you own the LV Neverfull bag or another popular luxury bag, a tote organizer gives you pockets and compartments when you don’t have any, to begin with. All you have to do is store your biggest items in the main middle compartment and put your smaller belongings on the sides. Everything will be visible when you take a peek inside!

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