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5 Luxury Purse Storage Ideas

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

If you have a handbag collection, then you’re probably wondering about the best handbag storage ideas. Maybe you’ve already done your research or maybe your luxury bag collection is multiplying and you have nowhere to put them. Whatever your reason may be for landing on this page, we know all there is to know about designer handbags and how to store them with protection and organization in mind.

Designer handbags are a luxury and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t put a designer dress dusting away in the back of your closet or luxury jewelry in a plastic bag. So, luxury purses and handbags should be carefully stored with the utmost care and love. Whether you have one handbag or twenty, there are various storage solutions to consider before you make a decision about how to store your prized possessions.

Ultimately, handbags should be stored with TLC for multiple reasons. Over time, without proper protection and storage, designer bags can become discolored, torn, and stained. Leather, which is one of the most common handbag materials, is prone to oxidation when sweat, humidity, dirt, and constricted spaces are involved. Oxidation of leather causes the materials to deconstruct their natural shape and sheen. If the leather has been oxidized, you may notice cracking, flaking, and weakening of the structure.

This is why it’s important to take care of your bag while it’s in use and not in use. Even when you’re not wearing your Birkin or Hermes or whichever designer name you own, there are ways to preserve it in between wears. Ahead learn more about the best purse storage ideas and organization ideas for your bags in and out of your closet.

The No-Nos of Luxury Bag Storage

Before you get into how to best store your bag with closet organization, here are things you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t store purses in small spaces for a long period of time Why? Because humidity can cause bad odor, mildew, and mold to form on your bag.

  • Don’t store purses in natural light or artificial light Why? Over a long period of time, this type of light exposure can cause discoloration of your bag.

  • Don’t store purses with other purses Why? Store each purse individually because the colors of one purse can rub off on the other, especially with light and dark colors

How Do You Store Designer Purses?

Idea #1: Hang up your purses

Individually hang up each of your purses on a hanger in your closet. Hang bag handles on hanger hooks that are specifically designed for handbags.

If you don’t have enough closet space (not everyone has a walk-in closet!) on your clothing rack in your closet, you can hang it on your door or have a separate rack outside of your closet solely meant for bags.

Idea #2: Store your purses on a shelf above your clothing

Many closets typically have a built-in shelf above your clothing rack with a blank slate to store seasonal items or handbags. On this shelf, you can store each bag in a plastic divider so that they’re not touching each other and have a designated spot to be stored when they’re not being used.

Idea #3: Store your purses in a cubby

Build a cubby in your clothing closet or set up a cubby separately from your main closet to store your luxury bags in each cubby space. You can opt for an open cubby or one with glass doors — it depends on your style and if you want the bags to be displayed.

Idea #4: Store your purses by color and shape

This is more for aesthetic purposes than it is for functional purposes. Store your totes with other totes, purses with other purses, and so on. Organize them by color and you’ll quickly achieve a dream closet.

Idea #5: Store your bag in storage bags

If you’re into home decor, you’ll love these aesthetically pleasing storage bags which you can find affordably on Shein or Amazon. You can put bags, scarves, hats, and other accessories. Hang it in your closet or door!

With these ideas, you can be assured that your luxury handbags are well taken care of! These handbag organizer ideas offer ways to protect your bag while keeping everything organized and aesthetically on point.

How to Store Luxury Bags With Inserts

Once you choose a way to store your luxury bags, you can store Luxe Goodz inserts inside the bags too. You don’t need to store your luxury purse inserts separately or take them out at all. Luxe Goodz inserts to protect the inside of your bag while the bag storage ideas protect the outside of your bag. They’re both crucial in maintaining the shape, color, and smell of your luxury bags.

Is it okay to store purses in the closet?

If you plan on storing purses in your clothing closet, as most people do, be sure that your bags are aired out every once in a while and that they have enough space to breathe. Dust bags, for example, are a great way to protect your bag from spills, stains, sun exposure, dust, color transfer, and other incidents. But, even with its perks, you should be taking your bags out of the dust bag every few weeks to prevent mold.

How do you organize expensive purses?

You can organize them by shape or color. Organize them in cubbies or plastic dividers on a shelf above your clothing rack. You can buy hanger hooks or storage bags that are meant for purses. Whichever way you choose to store your bags, make sure they get enough air and are separated from other bags/clothing to prevent color transfer.

How should I store my Louis Vuitton bag?

  • Put it in a dust bag

  • Put the bag in a cubby, on a bag hook, or breathable storage bag

What are some inexpensive storage solutions for purses?

Most storage solutions are inexpensive. Just because your bags are designer, doesn’t mean your need a walk-in closet or luxury storage solution.

  • Hang them on hooks in your closet

  • Put them in a dust bag (most bags come with one) and buy an inexpensive cubby

  • Put them on your built-in top shelf above your closet

  • Buy a storage bag from Shein or Amazon that hands on your door or rack in your closet

For more information on purse organizers, check out Luxe Goodz on Instagram or our website

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