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The Best Purse Organizers for 2023

At Luxe Goodz, we are pretty obsessed with handbag organizers — and that’s not only because we sell them! When we first came up with the idea of selling purse organizers for luxury bags, we saw that there was a need for purse organizer inserts. If you buy organizing bins for your cabinets, why shouldn’t you organize your most prized possessions in the same way? Jewelry is placed in a jewelry box, shoes are lined up on a shoe rack, and purse liners are meant to fit perfectly in your handbag.

With a quick Google search, you may see other inserts on the market. But they don’t carry high-quality inserts for the most popular luxury handbags (we’ve done the research!) or create custom orders for your individual bags. Our collection of bag organizers fit for brands like Hermes, Chanel, Dior, and more of your favorites, are meant to organize your belongings, shape your bag, and protect it from spills.

The main compartments are designed for your most valuable items like a wallet and Macbook/iPad (depending on the size of your bag). The zippered pockets and smaller compartments on all sides can carry your makeup and other small essentials. Our purse organizers are made for tote bags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and other purse types.

Here are our favorite purse organizers to buy with your favorite handbags for 2023.

1: The LV Neverfull MM Bag Organizer

The Louis Vuitton (LV) Neverfull MM bag was released in 2007. Ever since then, it’s been one of the luxury brand’s best-selling bags of all time. As a result, one of Luxe Goodz’s best-selling bag organizers is the LV Neverfull MM bag organizer.

Why is this bag so popular? For one, it’s more of an everyday tote bag than it is a purse. It’s called ‘Neverfull’ for a good reason because you can fit so much in there. It was designed to be used inside out, so it’s practically two bags in one. Whether you’re going to work or school, it replaces a backpack or briefcase. In 2014, the bag increased in price because the brand designed an inside pouch to fit inside.

You can use this pouch separately for makeup or just an evening night out. You can add personalized touches to the bag by adding your initials or choosing different colors for the inside lining. There are three sizes for this everyday work bag — PM, MM, and GM — with MM (Moyen Modèle) being the medium-sized option. With its multipurpose functions, this everyday bag can truly be worn on many different occasions and serves many different purposes. The classic brown canvas style with leather accent pieces costs about $1,700 but it once cost $700 back in the day. You can get it pre-used or on sale if you’re lucky to find one in good condition.

If you’ve kept your original in good condition over the years, then you’ll know the importance of a good organizer. According to most people who own this bag, the bag itself can be quite slouchy and unstructured. Our LV bag organizer keeps its shape over time and doesn’t get too floppy. The inside of the Neverfull bag is big and empty so it’s easy for things to fall out or get misplaced. With an LV Neverfull MM Bag Organizer, all of your essentials can be strategically placed in their own compartment.

The LV Neverfull MM Bag Organizer features 5 pocket compartments and a bottle/cup holder to fit a water bottle. Choose from 20 different felt liner colors and never worry about protecting your bag again.

Shop the LV Neverfull MM Bag Organizer here.

2: The Kelly Mini 20 Bag Organizer

The iconic Hermès Kelly Mini Bag has been around for over a century believe it or not. In the late 1950s, Grace Kelly was holding the bag over her stomach to conceal her pregnancy. From then on, the Hermes bag was called the Kelly. Till today, this everyday bag is known for its trapezoid shape and luxurious leathers and skins. The original bag used to be bigger but now that the need for smaller purses has increased, the size of Kelly bags has decreased.

It’s hard to find an original these days, which is why many people have their Kelly bags from years ago or buy them from resale sites. With an optional shoulder strap that doubles as a shoulder bag, there is a lot more functionality to the Kelly bag these days. Even though the bag is just 20cm at the bottom, it can hold your keys, cell phone, lipstick, hand sanitizer, wallet holder, and other top essentials.

Small but mighty, the Kelly mini 20 bags have been worn by celebrities and influencers from all over the world. The most popular color right now is definitely pink. You can expect to pay at least $8,000 for one of these bags. Don’t let its petiteness fool you though! Your stuff can get lost in the small depths of this bag. This is why our bag organizer, which comes with two pockets is essential to ensure your bag retains its shape and your belongings don’t get squashed in the cramped space.

“I got this organizer for my mini kelly and the quality is amazing. I can’t stress getting an organizer enough. It helps my bag keep its shape. I am going to get one for every single bag I own. They’re just that good. Not to mention they’re extremely durable,” one of our customers said.

Shop the Kelly Mini 20 Bag Organizer here.

3: Chanel Classic Medium Bag Organizer

Our classic medium Chanel bag organizer is the perfect gift idea for any Chanel bag lover. It comes with two interior pocket compartments to put away your things easily and conveniently. You can also use this Chanel bag’s exterior pocket to put a compact mirror, credit card holder, and cell phone for quick use.

The Chanel classic medium bag is a bestseller for good reason. You can hold it as a clutch or use the chain as a shoulder strap over your shoulder or across your body. Also known as a ‘flap bag’ because the bag closes with a flap, this bag is easy to open and access your items. On the back of the bag, there is a small pouch compartment you can use for storage too. With gold hardware and soft leather in a color-quilted design, it’s no wonder this purse is a fan favorite.

Shop the Chanel Classic Medium Bag Organizer here.

How do you measure a purse organizer?

You don’t need to measure a purse organizer if you’re ordering an already-made organizer from Luxe Goodz. We carry dozens of popular handbag sizes. We also do custom orders if we don’t carry the specific bag size that you have. You’ll need to measure the height of your bag from top to bottom from the inside and do the same with the width of the bag.

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